Mediation training for school conflict intervention. K - 12th grade support staff and teachers training.

Course Description

This course uses the professional meditation model to provide training to interact effectively with conflicting school parties who require assistance. The course prepares school staff for conflicts in a wide range of scenarios. The course covers specific information to mediate school prejudice, harassment, teacher disputes, family conflicts, and more will give you the confidence to work effectively.

Hi! I'm Jerome Thompson

Mr. Thompson has over twenty years of experience working with dropout-prone students and their families for a Texas school district. He has been responsible for alternative, middle, and high school students. One of his primary responsibilities is facilitating attendance/truancy meetings between the school, parent, and student. As an attendance meeting facilitator, he has mediated hundreds of attendance/truancy issues, finding a solution to help families get their students to school and avoid legal intervention. Jerome's skills in working with schools and families come from years of planning.

Jerome Thompson bios:

* Retired Attendance Officer for a school district in Texas

* Licensed Social Worker

* Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

* Certified Domestic Violence Counselor

* Basic Mediation

* Family Mediation

* Truancy Mediation

* Texas Association of Mediators

* National Association of Certified Mediators trainer

Mr. Thompson spent over 11 years working with Texas Children Protective Services families.

Over his twenty years of experience working truancy cases, Jerome recognized the need for more structured training for district clerks, attendance officers, outreach specialists, and others. Jerome helped create training hours for current and new attendance officers, ensuring the skills and knowledge needed to do the job. He also developed training specifically for attendance specialists, assuring staff has the skill required to work with students, families, and school attendance conflicts.

Mediation training for school conflict intervention. K - 12th grade support staff and teachers training.